Money Making Opportunities at StockedPhotos

image money making opportunitiesStockedPhotos is another money making opportunities online which enable photographers to sell their photos and images. There are basically two methods you can make money at StockedPhotos. You can either work for StockedPhotos or signup for their affiliate program. StockedPhotos is currently seeking for talented and experienced photographers and artists. You may submit your portfolio and state your interest either at abstract backgrounds, vector art, rendering, illustrations or photography.  As for the affiliate program, you get 20% commission on all sales referred.

Basically that’s all the information I can find from their site. Some of the important information for example payment method, minimum payout and payment schedule are not listed. I’m sure lots of photographers like to promote and sell their images at the site but not much information on this section can be found. The site seems to focus more on the terms and conditions of customers purchasing images. I suppose if you’re interested in working as a photographer at StockedPhotos and wants to have the chance to sell your images, you just have to email them directly for more information.

P/S: There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about StockedPhotos. But still only one question need to be answered. Can StockedPhotos sell my images and helps me make money. If the answer is yes, everything else is not a problem.



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