Money Making Opportunities at Software Judge by Writing Reviews

writing reviews money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at Software Judge is simple. Basically users just have to write reviews or opinions about the software listed in the site. Users get paid up to $50 per review. Make money writing software reviews sounds easy but getting paid for $50 per review is difficult. The reviews written has to be honest, good quality and in detail. The software reviewed has to be from the list given by Software Judge. In order to write a good, detail and quality review, users must try out and play around the software in order to gather on hands experience to write the review. A simple statement of good or bad software is not going to accept by Software Judge. The reviews must be original and written by you only.

Sign up is FREE. Payments are done via Western Union. Minimum payout is $200. It is going to take some time before you are able to cash out. Judging from the minimum payout of $200, it is going to take lots of reviews to reach that amount. Unless you are very good in writing reviews, 4 reviews of $50 each will be enough. But I doubt anybody can actually achieve that. By the way, you’ll get a minimum of $1 for any review published. In worst case scenario, you need at least 200 published reviews to make $200.

If you are unable to achieve the minimum payout of $200 for a long time and have at least $20 in your account, you may request to purchase any software, games or downloaded material with same amount of value. I would suggest getting the software within the list which you are interested in writing review. This way you are able to generate another opportunity to make money by producing another software review.



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