Money Making Opportunities at Snurtl by Writing Articles

writing money making opportunitiesSnurtl is another money making opportunities online website where authors make money by writing articles. It is another revenue sharing website which authors contribute content and the site focus on making money through advertising. Yup, this is another website just like Hugpages, Google Knol, Blogburner, Squidoo and many more. You may check out similar money making opportunities website at Opportunities page in this blog.

My first impression with Snurtl is fairly good. The website design is simple and direct. There is couple of things which we can make use of Snurtl. We can make money at Snurtl by becoming author and submit articles we wrote. As the site runs on revenue sharing, authors get 80% of the advertising earnings. 20% of the earning will go to Snurtl. Authors also have the chance to make more money by becoming editors. Editors will receive 90% of the advertising earnings. As the main advertising earnings are from Google Adsense, authors need to submit their Google Adsense ID or Code to the site. The second thing which we can gain from Snurtl is a link back to our blog or website. Judging from the current situation of Snurtl, I think this is the best thing we can get.

Currently there are about 600 articles available at Snurtl. The site launched at 2010 but still do not have many articles. The site seems to have stop for a while and resume posting articles lately. There is a one year gap in between but I suppose it won’t be a problem if you’re not hoping to make a lot of money at Snurtl.

P/S: Frankly, you might not make much money at Snurtl, but the site is good for creating a link back to your blog or website. Just submit one article and see how it goes. Besides, it’s FREE.



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  1. Amanda says:

    I think the point is link and extra traffic, for sure those websites work very well indirectly for making money.