Money Making Opportunities at Shvoong by Writing Summaries

write summary money making opportunitiesShvoong is a website where members write summaries and make money.  All you have to do is pick any book, article, newspaper, academic paper or website and write a summary about it. The money making opportunities provided by Shvoong is a bit different from other websites that pay to write reviews. I think the rules and regulations are suitable for international freelancers and writers.

Basically there are no limits on how many summary you can write. Although you can write as many summaries you like but the money you make depends on the number of times a summary is viewed. In other words you still have to write good quality summary to attract viewers. Writing lots of good quality summary is the best strategy. Good news is that all summaries written will be posted directly. Your summary will not be rejected for spelling, grammar and accuracy of facts. Your summary will be graded by surfers. Readers will judge the summary. A high rating summary will stay on and a low rating summary will be dumped. As the money you make is determined by number of views, viewer rate is important. Building a good reputation of viewer rate will definitely draws attention. Other than writing summary, you can make money by translate summary to other language too.

So just exactly how much money you can make at Shvoong? 10% of the money make from advertising will be distributed to the writers. Honestly I think 10% is not much especially you need to share it with so many writers. Take a look at the Top Earners page and you’ll get an idea of how much money you can make. The no.1 top earner makes around 4 thousand since Oct 2007. That’s about hundred dollars a month if you divided the money make until now. Although the money you can make seems not much but you have the flexibility to write lots of summary. Plus your work is judge by readers and not from a small group of people.

Payments are done via PayPal or Check. Minimum payment is $10. Payment process is done 5th of every month. Another money making opportunities provided by Shvoong is the affiliate program. Although there is no clear details on how much money we can make, but the maximum money that we can earn from each new member is $100. Good thing is there is no limit on how many members we can bring in.

I think Shvoong is suitable for international writers and freelancers as they can practice their writing skills and make some extra money. You will be judge by readers and that’s the best way to train your writings. This is also a good way to gather traffic to your own blog or website. All you need to do is write summary about your blog or website. You’ll find more than just money making opportunities at Shvoong.



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  1. George says:

    This is a good money making opportunity, I participate at some similar website, which brings about few dollars a day. And the work is really easy, I think everybody can do it.