Money Making Opportunities at Shutterstock by selling Photos

image money making opportunitiesShutterstock is another money making opportunities website where you can sell your photos, illustrations, vectors and footage. Basically you just have to upload your works and wait for customers to download it. One thing good about Shutterstock is that all products and content are sold not just at the main website but also third party affiliates. That means you will make money if your products are download from affiliate websites. Most of the rules and regulations are basically the same as the image selling website that I introduced, but I’ll still go over it especially the important parts.

Just like any other image selling website, Shutterstock has a forum section which allows users to participate and discuss about image selling and making friends. There is also a section call Graphic Design Tips & Tricks to help improve the image quality you produced. It’s a section which you can learn to become a better photographer and image editor. Finally there is also a referrer program which enables you to make more money. Shutterstock is open for anybody to sign up as long as you can receive and cash checks by air postal mail. That means you’re eligible as long as you’re an image seller. I would prefer to use PayPal or Moneybookers for payments. The image payout rates are set at a range from $0.25 to $28.00 US dollar per download. Footage contributors make a 30% commission each time a clip is purchased. At Shutterstock images are not sold one at a time. It’s the subscriptions the website is selling. You make more money if you have a more diversified image portfolio. A commission is added to your earning each time a user downloads your images or footage clips. There is a chart which listed the payout rates that you can check out. It seems that your pay per download is determined by your total lifetime earnings at Shutterstock. That means you’ll make more money if you contribute and work with Shutterstock for a long period of time. Minimum payout is $75 if you choose to receive payment via PayPal or Moneybookers. If you choose to receive payment via check, you need to accumulate the earnings until $300. Payments are processed automatically each month once your earning reaches the minimum payout. There is a referrer program which users can make more money but I can’t get more information about it unless I sign up. It seems like users can receive 20% of the value of the referred buyer’s initial purchase. The money earned can up to a minimum of $200. Well, I’ll let those of you who are interested figure that out once you sign up. I’ll appreciate if you can share more on this part of referral program.

I think Shutterstock is suitable for those who sell a wide range of images. Plus you need to stay with Shutterstock for a long time in order to make decent money. I suppose you need to produce lots of images with different topics, variety and continue uploading them to Shutterstock. Good news is that users don’t have to work exclusively with Shutterstock only. You can still make money selling images at other website while continue working on money making opportunities at Shutterstock.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Shutterstock by selling Photos”

  1. James says:

    Agree, it works very well for me and every month I am getting nice small passive income, which actually can cover some of my webhosting bills which is not bad. I am selling at least 5-10 photos a month.

  2. Faludaa says:

    Oh yaa its can be great source of income for freelance photographers also for almost anybody with a little aesthetic sense.

    Nice review…