Money Making Opportunities at Shutter Point by Selling Photos

image money making opportunities selling photoShutter Point is another money making opportunities online website for selling photos. Photographers can sell their photos at Shutter Point and participate in the affiliate program to make money online. This is another website which allowed photographers to promote and sell their photos, but with some terms and conditions that are different from other sites.

Payout rate at Shutter Point is 85%. That means Shutter Point only gets 15% of total sales. This is the highest payout I’ve seen online. But wait, there is a catch. In order to upload photos, photographers need to purchase a storage plan that starts at $12 per 6 month for 100MB of storage. Photographers need to pay upfront for a room to showcase and sell photos. Is this a bad deal? Well, it depends on how the photos are sold. If you’re able to make enough money to cover the fees for the storage plan, it’s still a good business. It is definitely better than showcasing your photos at a site where there is no traffic at all, even if it’s free. Paying for a small amount of fees for a reasonable traffic to promote photos is acceptable. Payments are done via check or PayPal. There seems to have no minimum payout but users are able to set the minimum balance amount that triggers the payment. Users need to bear the fee of processing transaction from PayPal if there is any. If check is used, $1 will be subtracted from each payment for processing expenses.

The affiliate program is a bit simple. You get 10% on an initial storage space purchase by the photographers you bring in. Plus you’ll get 2% of any photos sold. The affiliate earning can be huge depends on the amount of photographers you bring in. If the photographers you refer are able to make money continuously by selling photos, you’ll continue to earn the affiliate commission. This sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

P/S: This is the first stock images selling website which requires a monthly fees. But if the fees can bring certain amount of traffic and generate sales, it’s acceptable.



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