Money Making Opportunities at Shareapic by Uploading and Sharing Images

image money making opportunitiesI have been introducing lots of money making opportunities online websites which enable users to sell images or photos. These websites actually helps a lot of photographers built a fairly good income online. At the early stage, the biggest problem most photographers encounter is getting approve and accepted to the website. If you’re just into photography and still learning to take good quality pictures, you might not be able to get approval to sell your images on these websites. While you’re somewhere within the learning curve, perhaps you can try something different to make money with your images. A website which allows you to upload images freely without any approval required and make money is the one you need.

Shareapic is a website which enables users to upload images and make money. The money making opportunities presented is simple. More people view the images, more money you’ll earn. Shareapic pays up to $0.22 per 1000 image views. Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout is $20. Payment will be done within 30 days after reaching the minimum payout. In order to receive the maximum earning rate, it will be best to focus on sending US and Europe traffic to the images. Users will get Pro-rating and receive an average of $0.02 if the traffic is mostly from India, Asia and South America.

Judging from the minimum payout of $20 and maximum earning rate of $0.22, users need about 100000 image views. That’s about 3500 images views per day to work on. You won’t be making a lot of money but it’s better than not earning any money at all. Besides, it’s a good place to review and check if people are interested with the pictures you take. You can always upgrade yourself to the well-known stock images selling website once you’re ready.

P/S: This is especially for those who unable to get approval from stock images selling website.



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