Money Making Opportunities at Scan Stock Photo by Selling Images

image money making opportunitiesScanStockPhoto or SandinavianStockPhoto is a website which allows photographers to sell their images online. This is yet another platform for photographers to sell and promote their photos and images. The site has a simple outlook design and so does the list of rules and regulations. Registration is FREE and you can start uploading images immediately. Minimum size of the uploaded images required is 1200×1200 pixels and there is no maximum size in pixels. Photographers will make one Euro for each downloaded images. Minimum payout is 50 Euro. Payments are done via check, PayPal or money transfer by bank. That means photographers need to sell at least 50 images to receive a payment.

The money making opportunities seems simple and easy with the privilege of letting customers take a look at all the uploaded images without getting block by the site. Judging from the minimum payout requirement, I think photographers need to upload at least 200 good quality images to get payout monthly. In other words, images uploaded need to achieve at least 50 downloads per month. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you have the amount of images ready for upload.

P/S: If you’re unable to get approve for uploading images in other popular stock image selling website, try ScanStockPhoto. Good news is that you can upload images immediately without any reviewing. Bad news is that as images are not filter, you might not able to make any money if the images uploaded are bad quality. After all, only good quality images have a higher chance to make more money.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Scan Stock Photo by Selling Images”

  1. From my comparisions, is best. You upload the pictures, sequence them, set your prices, and then it makes a nice presentation which you can password protect. You can also set up links to individual client pages from your own website. The ordering process is very streamlined and the print quality is great. It also has marketing features to help you sell pictures. I’ve used its competitor,, but I find it time consuming to upload and organize and inefficient for the order process.

  2. George says:

    I’ve never had any problems with my photography approval, I guess most stock photos websites are just very sensitive about nice in photographs, however I will try this website.