Money Making Opportunities at RevResponse

free content money making opportunitiesMoney Making Opportunities at RevResponse is simple. Basically you just have to provide FREE content to your readers. The FREE contests consist of magazine subscriptions, documents, white papers and ebook which viewers can sign up and download for FREE. Each time a viewer signs up and qualified as a subscriber, you make money.

At RevResponse, you can expect a minimum of $1.50 on every qualified subscription you generate. That’s just the minimum earning but generally you’ll make more money than expected. The key of this money making opportunities is to provide the right information or content to the right viewers. If you can provide contents which are needed by viewers and it’s FREE to download, most likely you’ll succeed in making money. As most of the contents are professional magazines, white papers and podcasts, people will be interested to take a look especially when it’s FREE. Another money making opportunities provided by RevResponse is the referral program. For each referral partners that you bring it, you’ll be paid 20% of the earning they generated in the first 6 months. Although that doesn’t sound much but it’s better than nothing.

All payments are done via check or PayPal. Payments are process each month in US dollars. Minimum payout is $50 and should be received approximately 45 days after the end of the qualified month. International publisher is welcome and you’re able to promote the content in multiple blogs or websites, even non English sites are acceptable.

It will be best to study the catalog before you start promoting them. Each of the content is very specific and unique. Study each of the content carefully and introducing them to the right viewers will gain high success rate. This is the basic and only way to actually make money with RevResponse. There is also a make money guide provided by RevResponse that you can download to help implement the program and maximize earning.

The content provided by RevResponse is not just about online business. It also covers information from large area of professional and industrial sections. You may find it useful for lots of niches that you created.



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  1. George says:

    It is good money making opportunity, I have just sign up and probably I will choose private brand template for promotion.