Money Making Opportunities at Postloop by Producing Content

money making opportunitiesPostloop provides a platform for blog owners, content writers and forum owners to exchange content, comments and make money. Blog owners and forum owners can attract posts and comments while content writers can make money by producing content. Postloop works best especially for new blog or forum that needs a good start. It takes time to create and generate content that reflects the number of visitors or users. Postloop can help creates a good start up with lots of content for new blogs and forum.

Postloop was founded by Ryan Royal back in November 2010. Since then the site has produced more than 300 thousand posts exchanged. As this blog is about money making opportunities online, we are much more interested in making money by producing content. On average, content writers receive $0.09 per post or comment made. You can also make money by referring new members. A total of 20% bonus will be given for all the points, purchasing and money earn through posting by your referrals. Sign up is FREE but there are some requirements for being a content writer. Members need to produce 10 trial posts at The Postloop Portal for approval and verification. Once your posts meet the quality expectations, approval will be given and you can start posting and participating in Postloop. Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout is $5.

Judging from the average earning potential, it will be best to make use of Postloop to produce content for blogs and forum. Good quality content can eventually attract more traffic and thus produce lots of money making opportunities. Remember that content is king. Once you have content and traffic, making money online will become easy.



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