Money Making Opportunities at PhotoSpin by Selling Photos

image selling money making opportunitiesPhotoSpin is another website that enables photographers to sell their photos. The company is located at Southern California and was launched back in 1996. The goal of the company is to provide good quality images with affordable price to the public. The money making opportunities online provided is simple. There are two ways photographers can make money by selling photos at PhotoSpin. Photographers receive 50% revenue split for selling photos under excusive images. For non-exclusive images category, photographers will only receive 40% revenue share. Photographers own the copyright and ownership of all the images uploaded. PhotoSpin basically just help to distribute the images to customers on behalf of photographers.

Sign up is free but 3 samples of images will be required for review before any uploading is allowed. Payments are done via PayPal or check. Minimum payout is $50 in US dollar. Another money making opportunity is the affiliate program. Users can make extra 15% for all the sales deliver through the affiliate program. One thing I don’t like about the affiliate program is the minimum payout of $100. Given the rate of the commission, it’s not going to be easy to reach the payout threshold.

P/S: PhotoSpin is another website which allows photographers to sell and promote their images. No doubt it’s another window of opportunities for photographers.



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One Response to “Money Making Opportunities at PhotoSpin by Selling Photos”

  1. Robert says:

    Minimum payout is very high, however the opportunity is good if a photographer have a good database of photographs.