Money Making Opportunities at Photobox by Selling Photo Books Online

money making opportunities selling photo booksMoney making opportunities at Photobox is simple. Users just have to create photo books with their own images and sell it. Yes, this website is about selling photo books instead of just photos. It does not make much difference compare to other stock image selling website because you still need good quality images to make sales. It’s just that users get to use the tools provided to make the photos interesting and attractive by making them into photo books.

Sign up is FREE and the currency users will be dealing with is British Pound. Users can sell photo books for fundraising or for making own profit. Either way users still need to take some good quality images to make sales. The tools to make photo books are just the extra add-ons to make the images look attractive and interesting. Once the photo books are created, users still have to promote and market them to maximize profit. You can set any selling price but remember that Photobox takes 10% off the mark up price. Payments are done via PayPal or Onsite cash credit on a daily basis. Onsite cash credit basically turns the money earned for purchasing products on Photobox. There is another payment method call BACS but it won’t be available until end of August.

Another money making opportunities available at Photobox is the affiliate program. Users can make up to £6.50 per new customer sale and 5% on all repeat sales. Users just have to make use of their blogs or websites by placing the given affiliate links.

The selling part is basically the same as other stock image website. The interesting part is the market and community within Photobox. If you’re able to produce good quality images, I suppose it won’t be a problem selling them at Photobox.




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