Money Making Opportunities at Oondi by Writing Articles

writing money making opportunitiesOondi is a website that enables users to publish articles and have the opportunity to make money online. The money making opportunities online at Oondi is actually a revenue sharing system. In order to make money at Oondi, users have to provide their Google Adsense ID. Pages with users’ content or articles will be displaying Google adsense advertisement with their own Google ADsense ID. Good thing about Oondi is that users get 100% of the advertisement profits. Users just have to concentrate on producing good quality content. Users can basically write about anything which does not violate the rules and regulation of Google Adsense.

Oondi seems to have a fairly good page rank and traffic. Given the well prepare platform, a good quality article should be able to draw a good amount of traffic. Thus user should be able to make some money online. Sign up is FREE but users are required to have a Google Adsense account to make money.

Apart from making money, users can gain some backlink from the site by filling up the profile page. Oondi has a page rank 3 as I’m writing this post. It should be good enough for lots of bloggers and website owners.

P/S: posting one article at Oondi is good enough to get most of the benefits. If you are able to get lots of five stars rating, this will push you up to the front page of the site.



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