Money Making Opportunities at Odiogo by Turning Blog Post into Podcast

audio money making opportunitiesOdiogo enables bloggers to convert blog posts into high quality audio files. Readers are able to listen instead of read. It is an alternative way for readers to obtain information from your blog. This is actually a very good service that bloggers should implement. Readers who do not have time to read online can do so by listening. Readers can download the audio files and listen through devices such as iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, iPad and other smartphone devices. Especially for those readers who work long hours in front of computer screen, it is a relief for their eyes.

Odiogo is FREE to use. The service is compatible with blog engines that publish RSS feeds such as Blogger, Typepad, WordPress or Overblog. Once Odiogo converts the blog posts into high quality audio files, readers can download the files directly from Odiogo Storage servers. Bloggers don’t have to worry about technical integration tasks or bandwidth because the audio files are taken care by Odiogo.

As for the money making opportunities online provided by Odiogo, users have the chance to obtain a share of advertising revenue generate by Odiogo. In order to qualify for a share of ad income, users’ listenership has to reach a certain level. That is because Odiogo Advertising servers insert audio advertisement spots into the content while generating the audio files. A larger listenership will definitely help generates lots of income.



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