Money Making Opportunities at Naming Force by Simply Naming

naming money making opportunitiesNaming Force is an interesting online money making opportunities website that I found lately. You make money by simply naming businesses, websites and products. Sounds easy? The naming part is easy but making money might not be as easy as you think. You make money only when client selects the name you submitted. I’ll say it’s partly depends on your luck. If the client likes the name you selected, you probably have the higher changes to get paid.

Naming Force is actually a crowdsourcing naming website that helps client to find a good suitable name for company, domain and product. The site host a naming contest and public submit names to win the money. It’s more like a money reward contest rather than a money making opportunity deal. Sign up is free and you need to have a PayPal account to receive payment. By the way, only US residents are eligible to receive payment. You need to be 18 years old and fill out a W9 tax form to receive the money. You can submit as many names as you can on as many listing as you like. But still there is only one reward for each contest. Also try not to be too excited about this because the chances of winning the contest are very slim. You have to very good in naming and the competition is very fierce. You are actually competing with almost every US resident who is able to online. So this is more like winning the lottery game.

P/S: Currently it seems like not many people are in the contest of naming. Check out the active naming assignments and you’ll see there are less than 500 names in each of the competition. I suppose the chances of winning the contest are still very high, for now. So get in the contest right now.



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