Money Making Opportunities at MyPage5

money making opportunities social network onlineI usually don’t participate much on social network website that pays to become a user. The money earned usually not much and you have to spend a lot of time being an active user. But if you are trying to gain some traffic to your blog or website and at the same time making some money, being an active user might be a good idea. Check out MyPage5 if you are interested in online social network site that pays to participate and being active.

MyPage5 pays $5 instantly once users sign up and upload a picture profile. Basically users earn credits by participating and being active at MyPage5. Credits will be given when users create blogs, comments, upload videos, create group, start topic, upload photos, chatting and invite new users. Credits earned are able to convert into money. Payments can be done via PayPal and AlertPay. Minimum payout is $25. As MyPage5 pays $5 up front, users have to earn another $20 in order to get paid. Although users just have to make another $20 to get paid, it might not be as easy as it seem. This is because MyPage5 has a penalty rule which subtract $5 whenever users make a wrong move that violates their terms and conditions. So read their FAQ carefully before taking any action.

Another money making opportunities provided by MyPage5 is the referral program. You will receive 15% revenue earned from users you referred. Both parties have to remain active in order to benefits from the referral program.

P/S: Usually my main purpose in participating in MyPAge5 is to build traffic towards my blog. Making money thought the social network website is second.



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