Money Making Opportunities at MobStac by Creating Your Mobile Site

mobile site money making opportunitiesAs the smartphone users starting to increase drastically lately, it’s just a matter of time people starting to switch from laptop to smartphone. Instead of surfing internet and reading blogs from a 17 inch display, users are now looking at a much small screen size that is just the size of a palm. The smartphone users will be the next big market online. Lots of companies are preparing to make lots of money by providing services related to smartphone.

MobStac is a website that enables users to create their mobile site in less than two minutes. The service is FREE if users just stay at the basic plan. There are other plans like Pro and Enterprise but that will require monthly fees. Under basic plan, users are only allowed to manage one site with 50 thousand page view limits per month. Plus MobStac will takes 40% of the mobile site’s page views to run their ads. That means almost half of the time viewers will be looking at advertisement instead of your blog. Well, that’s the price you’ll have to pay for having FREE basic account. If you upgrade the account which required monthly fees, the ads will be removed and the number of page views will be increase.

Sounds like a good smartphone business plan to host mobile sites? Well, I think it’s still too soon to decide. MobStac is not the only website that provides mobile site services. We still have to see how other websites or companies play the game. No doubt it’s a fierce competition. But as the smartphone market is new, a good idea or business plan will definitely make some money. The question is how long can these websites or companies stay on top of the game and continue make money.

P/S: As a publisher, we just have to monitor and keep up with the changes so that we can make use of the services provided to secure the money making opportunities within.



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  1. Robert says:

    That’s pretty interesting, I think I should give a try, just created a new website and probably will be a good idea if I create a mobile version.