Money Making Opportunities at MicroStockPhoto by Selling Images

money making opportunities selling photoMoney making opportunities at MicroStockPhoto is simple. Photographers just have to upload their images and sell it. Yes, this is another website which enables photographers to sell and market their photos and images. The rules and regulations are basically the same with other similar digital image selling website. The images uploaded must be a minimum 1600×1200 pixels or approximately 2MP. Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout is $50. Photographers will receive 35% of the sale price for each image downloaded.

There is also an affiliate program available which photographers can sign up to make more money. As there aren’t many details about the program but only few words of “pay per sale 20%”, it will be better just to focus on uploading couple of images and try to make some sales first. Once you’re able to make some profits than only consider joining the affiliate program. I browse through some of the images available and the quality seems nice.  The site just doesn’t seem to have many activities lately. I just hope that this money making opportunities website still functioning.

P/S: It’s free to try out but the forum, blog and news pages haven’t been updated lately. I’m just not sure if business is good or not. But still at least it’s another place to promote and market your profile and photography skill.



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