Money Making Opportunities at Meshplex by Submitting Tutorial

money making opportunities onlineMeshplex is a website which enables users to make money by writing and submitting tutorials. The money making opportunities online provided by Meshplex is a revenue sharing system. Users required a Google Adsense account in order to participate and make money. This revenue sharing website is a bit different compare to other similar website. Although users get to keep 100% of the advertisement impression and clicks, users are only allowed to post one Google Adsense ad per page. And link units are allowed either on top or bottom of the page.

Meshplex is determined to become the most popular tutorial directory online. Every tutorial submitted must be of high quality and free from any spelling and grammatical errors. The tutorial page must be original and not copy from any other website. Although Meshplex looks like a wiki page, users are not allowed to edit the content. Users are advice to complete and finalized the tutorial page before uploading it.

Another benefit that users can get from Meshplex is the backlinks. It is not just any regular backlink but .org backlink that has a much higher value. Users can even spans across multiple pages by further elaborate the tutorial.

Sign up is free. It seems to be difficult producing good quality tutorial and make money. Rather I’m more interested in getting backlinks.



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