Money Making Opportunities at Lonely Planet

There are lots of money making opportunities at Lonely Planet. You can apply as an author, photographer and freelance editor or choose to work as a full time employee in one of the office at Melbourne, London or Oakland. Either way I think it is fun and challenging to work in a global travel company that surrounded with fun and interesting traveling stories. No doubt Lonely Planet is suitable for those who love travel and adventure.

The history of how Lonely Planet comes by really impresses me. It started out with the adventure of Tony and Maureen Wheeler who decided to travel across Europe and Asia overland. They did not have much money for the trip but they still manage to complete the journey. As they started to write about their first travel guide, Lonely Planet was born. The company began to grow so big even BBC Worldwide acquired 75% share in Lonely Planet. All they did was doing what they love, which is travel. Their story and travel guide makes enough money for them to start another journey. They started out by traveling broke but end up with rich at the end. The best thing is that they are able to do what they love most, travel. That’s the lifestyle that I dream of and currently working towards it.

Judging from the company profile, it should be exciting to work at Lonely Planet. But it might not be easy getting through the entrance as the job qualification listed is quite high. If you like to become a freelance editor at Lonely Planet, you need to be able to work full time or approximately 35 hours per week. You need to have minimum five years of editing experience in the book publishing industry with book editing experience. You also require the ability of proof reading, organizational skills, research ability, independent and able to meet tight deadlines. As there are large amount of applications and inquires, only shortlisted candidates will be notified. But still that does not guarantee the job position as further interview and editing test will be conducted. If you’re applying to become an author, the bar is set even higher. In the year 2009, only 8 authors are recruited out of over 500 applications. There are also jobs like photographer and technology field available. Just check out the job opportunities section at the website. If you’re interested in working in one of the office in Melbourne, London or Oakland, send them your CV using the email address given.

There isn’t much information regarding the payment and money you’re able to earn but I think most people who apply for the job are interested in the work experience rather than just the money. In this case money making opportunities is not the top priority but it’s the travel experience which is much more attractive and exciting.



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  1. Katie says:

    Actually I heard about this and other opportunities a couple of years ago, about photography and article writer programs. Definitely this is a great way to make money.