Money Making Opportunities at Logoworks

graphic design money making opportunitiesI was looking for some freelance money making opportunities at Logoworks but instead I only found the affiliate program. I was hoping that Logoworks has a window for freelance graphic designer to show their talent and make some money out from their project but it seems there isn’t any. Well, I suppose we still can make some money by introducing customers to Logoworks.

Before we start to make money introducing customers to Logoworks, we have to register and join the Logoworks affiliates program. As Logoworks team up with Commission Junction to track on the affiliate program, you have to be accepted into Commission Junction Publisher first. Those of you already been a publisher of Commission Junction can straight away sign up into Logoworks affiliates program.

As Logoworks deals mostly in logo design projects, it will be best if your blog or website is related to graphics. The main reason that I’m posting about Logoworks because I think the commission rate is rather high. The more project orders we introduce, the higher the commission we get. If we are able to get 15 orders or more in a month, we will be paid by 14% of commission. 9~14 orders will get 12%, 3~8 orders will get 11% and less than 3 orders will get 10%. Regardless of the percentage of the commission, I think the paid is still high because each project cost around $300~$500. If we are able to introduce 3 projects per month, we’ll make around $100 each month. Payments are done every month via check. Links, banners and other tools will be provided. Best of all it’s FREE.

Logoworks seems to provide a high quality logo design. Judging from the price of each designed logo, I assume the market is set on companies, entrepreneurs and cooperates. Individual bloggers might not go for it as they might just hire a regular freelance logo designer with less than $100 dollars. It will be helpful if you get to know what type of customers that Logoworks have. Targeting the right customers will make this money making opportunities successful.



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