Money Making Opportunities at LivePerson as Expert

giving advice money making opportunitiesLivePerson is a platform where experts provide services by giving advice to customers. There are more than 30 thousands of experts at LivePerson. If you’re an expert in accounting, engineering, marketing, advertising or any other professional field, this might be a money making opportunities for you. LivePerson is similar with some of the money making opportunities website I introduced before, for example WeRLive and Ether.

As a qualified Expert at LivePerson, you will be match to serve clients according to your professional expertise. You will be provided with all the necessary tools to communicate with clients using live chat, phone or email. How much money you can make depends on the expert fees that you set. At the beginning the expert fees should be set at a minimum level. Once you’ve gain some experience and a loyal client base, you may then consider to increase the fees. You will be paid for the time spent in session. This method is used when you’re connecting with clients via phone or live chat. If it’s involved sending email, the “Pay to View” method will be used. That means clients pay to get the answer or solution by emails. Of cause all the above required confirmation and clarification of invoice and services provided between you and the client.

Payments are done via PayPal or check. Before you’re eligible for using PayPal, your fist payment has to be done via check. Once LivePerson receive bank’s confirmation that your check was cashed, your payment method will be updated to receive payment via PayPal. Minimum payout is $50 and payments are process in the middle of the month.

Another money making opportunities LivePerson has is the affiliate program. LivePerson pays up to $100 every time a new paying customer is referred. The commission paid depends on number of new clients referred each month and categories of experts they looking for. Please refer to the affiliate agreement for details. Eventually the more clients you refer, the more you’ll earn. You can use the banners, buttons and text links provided to promote LivePerson.

It seems that you can make more money by promoting the affiliate program. As long as you’re able to bring in more clients and customers, you’ll make money. Working as expect can only make that much money because you’re basically restricted by the time that you have. If you consider it as a long term money making opportunities, working on the affiliate program and constantly bring in clients makes more money than being an expert.

P/S: LivePerson is hiring full time workers who will be situated at San Francisco, New York and Israel. Check out the current openings and see if you can find any suitable job. I think this is good news especially for those who wish to work in Israel.



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  1. Dave says:

    This is excellent money making opportunity, thanks for sharing Kumo, I think I will participate.