Money Making Opportunities at LinkFromBlog

Money Making Opportunities at LinkFromBlog is simple. Basically you need a blog to sign up the website so that you’re able to bid for paid reviews. This money making opportunities online is similar to PayPerPost. Sign up is free. Blogs submitted will normally approve unless the blog is newly created with no traffic. Blogs created and written at free hosting services like blogsport, livejournal or twitter can be approved as long as there is traffic and it’s more than few months old. Bloggers shouldn’t have any problem getting their blogs approved if they really work on it.

Once blogs are approved to accept paid reviews, bloggers get to bid for the offers listed by advertisers. Although there isn’t any minimum and maximum amount of money set, bloggers should place a reasonable bid. Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout is $50. The first withdrawal payment will require bloggers to complete at least 5 paid reviews. The paid reviews consist of post, short review and detailed review. A post is about 1~2 sentence with no more than 250 characters. A short review is about 1~2 paragraphs with no less than 300 characters but not exceeding 1000 characters. A detail review will required more than 1000 characters of detail writing. One thing I like about these money making opportunities online is that bloggers are not required to disclose the paid reviews. This can help prevent blogs from getting strip off ranking by Google search engine.

Another money making opportunities provided by LinkFromBlog is the referral program. You get to make $50 for every successful person you refer after they spend or make $500. As it might take some time for them to make $500, you need to wait a bit longer before you can get $50.

P/S: Check out the free ebook title “How to make $1000 a month by working at LinkFromBlog”. The ebook is available at “Refer Friends” page in your account.



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  1. Robert says:

    I have never heard about the website, but I just took a look and it seems to be a good one. As well excellent sharing with this book title.