Money Making Opportunities at Leading Meeting Services Agency Ubiqus

translation work at home money making opportunitiesUbiqus is just like Translation Services USA that provides money making opportunities of translation work. Other than just translation job, Ubiqus also provides other money making opportunities jobs like transcription, writing services, interpretation and audience response.

Ubiqus was founded in France 1991. It began when the founder of the company created an innovative service to summarize proceedings for clients seeking a written record of their meeting. Currently Ubiqus has offices around the world in New York, Irvine, London, Madrid, Waterford, Paris, Marseille, Angers and Saint-Nom La Breteche. If you have the skill and fluent in several languages, try apply for the job. I’m sorry that there isn’t much information that I could provide about the job. Judging from the application form that you need to sign up, the company is seriously looking for the right people for the job. That’s the longest application form that I’ve ever seen. You need to submit your resume and fill up ever possible talents or skill you have. There is also a question asking the amount of paid expectation if you’re hired for full time.

It seems like Ubiqus is looking for those who are familiar with transcription, translation, writing service, interpretation and audience response. If you’re just started and trying to learn about the job, this might not suitable for you.



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  1. Dave says:

    I have seen this company before, may be I will sign up and try to make some more money. Actually I just remembered that once I have submit an open source project for volunteer translation.