Money Making Opportunities at Kontera In-Text Ads

In-text advertising money making opportunitiesKontera is one of the leading companies at in-text advertising. Kontera’s patented technology provides publishers a unique way of advertising by hyper link specific terms in the content. Kontera was founded back in 2003 by co-founders Yoav Shaham, Assaf Henkin, and Henit Vitos. After many years of improvement and servicing millions of publishers, Kontera has proved its status of one of the best alternative money making opportunities other than Google Adsense. In fact Kontera can be use together along side with Google Adsense as both are using a different advertising algorithm.

I sign up Kontera few years ago but did not actually use it back then because my blog was not getting much traffic. My main concerned at that moment was to focus on the content and try to attract more visitors. The one thing which I’m worried about using Kontera is the advertisement display which might block the view of readers. I suppose that’s the only thing that might annoyed readers. If your blog or website constantly receives lots of traffic and new readers, then it won’t affect much. Part of the regular readers might be lost but there are always new readers coming in. It’s actually difficult to see if Kontera is the right advertising money making opportunities for a blog or website. Publishers need to monitor the response or comment of readers to see if applying Kontera ads is acceptable for readers or not. Most important of all publishers need to keep an eye on the statistics and earning to see if their blog or website is right for Kontera.

Although there is no guarantee that Kontera can help publishers cash in a lot of money, but still Kontera makes lots of improvement to make sure publishers make money. One of the best improvements from Kontera is the plugin and widget that enables publishers to integrate Kontera in-text ads easily to their blogs. The plugin and widget is available for Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. I still remember the last time I manually install the ads code and having a hard time finding the right location to place it. Now it’s easy as all I have to do is just install the plugin and widget. There is also a FREE eBook title “Kontera In-Test Advertising Secrets” by Joel Comm on how to optimize your site and increases overall earnings. The helps provided by Kontera are actually very practical in making it easy for publishers to make money.

Another money making opportunities Kontera has is the affiliate program. Publishers need to apply differently for the affiliate program as it is no enroll automatically. As a qualified Kontera affiliate, you’ll get 10% of their monthly net revenue for a full year. The money earn will be included into publisher’s account. Payments are done via check, PayPal, Wire transfer or ACH. Payments process is done first week of the month, 30 days after reaching the minimum payout of $50. This sounds much better than Google Adsense with $100 minimum payout and no PayPal option.

Currently Kontera is having a contest. Check it out as you might win yourself an Apple iPad. The contest is due 30th November 2010. Don’t miss it.

P/S: The one thing Kontera needs to improve is to list out the total balance since last payment or after joining Kontera. At least let us know how much we have earned so far so that we can work towards the minimum payout.



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5 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Kontera In-Text Ads”

  1. Vibrant1 says:

    Hi – I work for Vibrant Media. I’d be happy to talk to publishers interested in joining our in-text network.  We offer the leading technology as well as the most relevant, most premium, and highest paying ads.  You can reach me via email at I’ll reply within 1 business day.

  2. Briantalk says:

    Co-incidentally, I have just joined up with Kontera. I used Adbrite without much success as they didn’t post enough ads on my blog. I hope Kontera works.

  3. Dave says:

    I have never been very successful with Kontera, may be because I have test it on the websites which niche is not really suitable for context ads.

  4. Kumo says:

    I think you need to use Kontera for couple of month to actually see the results. Good Luck.

  5. Kumo says:

    That goes the same with me. I suppose it’s about matching up the right niche with Kontera.