Money Making Opportunities at Joomlancers by Completing Projects

Joomlancers is a website where buyers look for freelancers to complete their projects and freelancers look for jobs to make money. Joomlancers provides money making opportunities for freelancers who are familiar with Joomla, Magento, Drupal and WordPress. Some of the projects involve Joomla modification, template customization, WordPress theme design, Joomla installation, Javascript upgrade and many more. Most of the projects are Joomla related. It will be an advantage if you understood Joomla very well.

Sign up is FREE for service provider at Joomlancers. But that is just for standard normal account of service provider. As a standard service provider, you get 10 initial credits every month for placing bid or adding contact. Once you run out of credits, you’re required to purchase additional credits for further activities. Plus, you won’t be able to place contact info in bids and profile details. Although there won’t be any monthly fee but Joomlancerscharges a 10% commission on each winning projects or a minimum of $5 whichever greater. It will be best to start out as a standard normal service provider so that you can check out the situation at Joomlancers. Once you started to receive several projects and make money monthly, considering upgrade your account to gold or sponsor.

As a gold service provider, you need to pay a monthly fee of $10. The best part of becoming a gold service provider is that you don’t have to pay the 10% commission fee each time you win a project. You also get 30 credits per month instead of just 10 credits. If you choose to upgrade to sponsor service provider, you need to pay a month fee of $10 too. The only benefit that you’ll get from this upgrade is able to place contact info in bids and profile details. The gold service provider upgrade is more towards maximizing your money making opportunities. The sponsor service provider upgrade can bring you closer to customers as they get to contact you directly. Depending on the nature of your business or freelancer services, you need to choose wisely to make full use of Joomlancers.

Payments are done via check or PayPal. Payment will be process once account reaches minimum payout of US$30. As buyer is required to send money to Joomlancersbefore projects start, payment towards service provider is guarantee. Once projects are delivered and done completely, payment will be release to service provider. The optional FREE of charge work phase payment is provided byJoomlancersso that projects can be done smoothly. It’s a method to secured payment and work for both buyer and service provider.

Currently there are about 100 projects available. I suppose it won’t be easy to secure a winning project. There will be lots of competition. So make use of the 10 credits given wisely.



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  1. Roger says:

    This is a very good money making opportunity for me. I am Joomla expert. I am going to sign up now.