Money Making Opportunities at Jobs For 10

Money making opportunities at Jobs For 10 is simple. This is another website just like Gigme5 and Fiverr. Freelancers and service providers can sell their services at very low price of $5, $10 and $20. Sign up is free and you’re able to setup profile and services easily. Payment is done via PayPal. There seems to be no minimum payout but a transfer fee of 2% will be charge on the total withdrawal sum. As the maximum transfer fee is $1, it will be best to withdraw $50 or more. Freelancers and service providers will receive 80% of the amount of money earn. 20% of the revenue will go to Jobs For 10. That means if you’re selling a $20 service, you’ll get $16 only. Payments are guarantee because buyers pay in advance and will be releasing to sellers within 48 hours once job completed. It’s not a bad deal after all. The site currently has lots of services under different category. There might be some competition if you’re planning to sell similar existing service.

The site seems to be getting lots of traffic lately according to the Alexa statistic report. As you’re basically allowed to sell almost any simple services, it will be a good idea just to create a profile and setup your services even though you’re not expecting a lot of sales. A simple service of writing 10 good comments with $5 gives you the opportunity to share files which can link back to your blog or website. It’s not a bad money making opportunity online if you’re able to make couple of bucks by just providing simple easy services. Besides, you’ll also gain some traffic and exposure from the site.



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  1. Jason says:

    I see similarity with Fiver, honestly there are good ways to make money if you have a good reputation on sites like this.

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