Money Making Opportunities at Jamendo by Publishing and Sharing Music

music money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at Jamendo is for those who write songs and create music. Basically Jamendo is a place for artists who wish to publish, share and promote their music or songs. Jamendo provides a platform not just for artists but anybody who wish to make money with their music or songs. Best of all Jamendo is FREE. New artists are able to promote their songs or music in a very low cost. This is also one of the most efficient and easy way to introduce their music or songs created throughout the world. Jamendo is also available in eight different languages. Unfortunately Chinese language is still unavailable. I hope Jamendo will include Chinese language into their program in near future because this is a huge market.

There are basically three ways artists can make money with Jamendo. The first and easiest way is donation by users or fans. The minimum amount of donation receive each time is 5 €. Artists are required to have a PayPal account to receive the donation. The second and most basic ways to generate income is through the revenue sharing program. Jamendo offers 50% share of its ad revenue. The third and final way to make money is by opting into commercial programs. The final method is a bit complicate because certain documents or certificates are required. Besides, it is best to prepare yourself by creating more songs and build up reputation before joining the commercial programs.



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