Money Making Opportunities at Info Barrel

writing content money making opportunitiesInfo Barrel is referred as a Shared Revenue Social Media Community. In other words Info Barrel is another money making opportunities for people who loves to write. Members just have to concentrate on creating good quality contents and leave the website maintenance, programming and maximizing money earning to the admin. Yes, this is another website that writers are left to do what they are good at and earn money.

Basically anybody that is good in writing can apply as writer at Info Barrel. You just have to create good original content and you’re on your way to make money at Info Barrel. Before that you need to preapprove by the site manager. In order to do that you have to produce 10 approved articles and become a member for at least 14 days. The articles produced needs to demonstrate a good knowledge in English language with different topics. If you’re able to show your writing ability honestly, I think it should be easy to get pre approved. Once you’ve done that, next is to set up your money earning account. You need to have a Google Adsense account to make money at Info Barrel. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account, please refer to the site article on How to get a Google Adsense Publisher ID. As a qualified writer or publisher at Info Barrel, you’ll be entitle 75% of Google Adsense ads impression generated by the content you produced. Remember it’s just the ads impression, not the clicks which generate income. That means the contents that you produced needs to generate ads impression and clicks in order to make money. As you’ll be using your own Google Adsense account, payment are not handle by Info Barrel.

Besides writing good quality content, there is couple of money making opportunities available at InfoBarrel too. You can refer other writers to become publishers at Info Barrel using your own referrer code. You’ll earn 2% of Google Adsense Ads impression generated by the content from writers you referred. The second money making opportunity is to participate in Info Barrel Contest. Contests with variety prizes will be conducted from time to time. Remember to check out the related page for updated information.

One thing that I like about Info Barrel is that the white cat admin seems to be very helpful in answering all the questions and comments from members. A friendly admin will bring success to the site.



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5 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Info Barrel”

  1. Is it something like revenue sharing forums where you add your adsense blocks?

  2. Kumo says:

    Well, you don’t add the blocks. You just submit your Google Adsense publisher ID to the site and they’ll take care of the rest. It’s similar to revenue sharing forums but you need to produce content to actually earn some money.

  3. Kevin Marx says:

    Info Barrel has come a long ways fast and I have no doubt they will eventually over take the competition. They already outrank their competitors on Alexa stats for time on site and pages viewed per visitor as a PR 4 site. Keep your eyes on this one, they’re going to do good things.

  4. Kumo says:

    We will read more about Info Barrel if the site continue to do good.

  5. LennyP says:

    You touched on the contests and in think this is the best way to maximize your earnings in InfoBarrel. First by participating you can increase your revenue sharing from 75% all the way up to 90%. An extra 15% can make a huge difference. Some users are making $1,000.00/month. An extra 15% would be an extra $150.00 free. Add on the gift cards for winning and the InfoBarrel contests can make a huge difference.

    I;m new there myself but this is something I plan to be concentrating on.