Money Making Opportunities at ImageVortex by Selling Images

image selling money making opportunitiesImageVortex is a website which allows photographers to submit and sell their images. Just like any other website, photographers are allowed to submit the same images which already uploaded to other image selling websites. In other words, photographers are given another window to promote and sell their images. Signup is FREE and photographers keep full rights of their own uploaded photos. One thing I like about ImageVortex is that photographers are allowed to sell the same uploaded images through other channels.

The price of the images is control by photographers. Prices are set between $20 and $300. For every images sold, photographers gain 70% of the original sale price. Payments are done via PayPal, Check or wire transfer. A minimum payout of $100 is required before requesting a payment.

ImageVortex also has and affiliate program which enable photographers to make extra money. A 10% commission from every sale a customer does within 90 days will be given. The commission might not seem much, but it’s better than nothing.

P/S: There’s nothing special about ImageVortex as all the rules and regulation are about the same with other similar image selling website. It’s basically another image selling website which enables photographers to upload and sell their same images.



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One Response to “Money Making Opportunities at ImageVortex by Selling Images”

  1. Roger says:

    I think there are so many stock photos websites that I don’t know which one to choose. Probably it will be depending on the traffic and age of website.