Money Making Opportunities at IdeaOffer

idea money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at IdeaOffer is simple. Basically you just have to help others to develop their ideas. You will be posting your ideas regarding the project or question listed at IdeaOffer. At the end of the project, the idea requester will choose the winner who provides the best answer. The money allocated will be the winning prize. I must say the reward money is very less. Check out the project list and you’ll find most of the rewards are just couple of dollars.

Payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payout amount is $10. You will be paid if you’re selected as the winner of the project. Another money making opportunities provided by IdeaOffer is the Referral Bonus System. You get 0.25¢ flat for active referral bonus, 5% bonus when your referral creates a cash project and 2% bonus when your referral’s idea is selected as a cash winner.

I check out couple of project listed and it seems like people are taking advantages of the website. Some of the projects are created mainly just to promote links and getting a backlink. No doubt the idea of the website is good but still there are lots of improvements needed. But first the site needs to take care of those who misuse or take advantages of the website. There are lots of improvement can be done to upgrade the site for people who need ideas input and for those who likes to sell their ideas. Some people have great ideas but lack of resources and funding to work on it. Thus the site can setup a platform to connect or link up with people or company who can provide resources and funding. Also the site can help to protect ideas people have by providing services related to copyright and pattern legal issue.

Basically the site has a good start and has potential to become huge online. The site definitely can make a lot of money and help others to make money if some improvement and changes are done. The concept of trying to work on ideas and making it comes true definitely sells.



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