Money Making Opportunities at Hubpages

writing money making opportunitiesHubpages is another money making opportunities just like ReviewParty and Xomba. You can check out my reviews at Writing Reviews Money Making Opportunities at ReviewParty and Writing Money Making Opportunities at Xomba. All three of these money making opportunities websites share the same method which is split sharing impression.

Basically you make money at Hubpages by creating rich content hubs using text, photos and videos. Hubpages has a publishing platform call capsules that enable users to create hubs. That makes a user a Hubber. If you’re not sure about things around and have questions, please check out the learning center and forums. I’m sure it should be no problem for those has experience with ReviewParty and Xomba. As long as you can create good quality content hubs, you’ll make money. Be sure to tag your hubs with suitable keywords and phrases. The quality of your hub is determined by Hubscore which has a rating scale of 1 to 100. The closer your hub gets to 100 the better your hub quality. The Hubscore is calculated base on the amount of traffic, reputation of the Hubber, response of readers and the uniqueness of content. That means you have to get involve with Hubpages community and built up your readers and followers. You need people to actually give you a push on the Hubscore. One thing that I like about Hubpages is that we have complete copyright on the content that we created. If somebody else uses our copyrighted content without our permission, we can file a complaint. There is a help section which shows us how to do this.

Hubpages do not pay Hubbers. It’s actually the affiliate companies like Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Kontera that will make the payment. That means you need to sign up for all four companies above and provide the affiliate codes to Hubpages. You will be sharing the impression generated by the hubs you created with Hubpages. Hubbers will receive 60% of total impression generated by their own hubs. 40% of total impression will go to Hubpages. If you refer new writers and they become Hubbers within 30 days, you’ll receive additional 10% of their hub’s lifetime impressions. If you send traffic to hubs, you’ll receive 9%~12% of total impressions. In order to get maximum earning, you have to sign up all the money making companies above. You have to create lots of good quality content hubs and generate lots of traffic. That’s typically the same as other similar money making opportunities websites like ReviewParty, Xomba and Squidoo.

P/S: Hubpages has a Google Page Rank 6 at the moment I wrote this post. The high Google Page Rank can give a good kick for the hubs you created. That means you’ll get traffic much easier then starting out fresh with a blog. How big is Hubpages? As of 15th July 2010 Hubpages has 883967 published hubs and 166245 published users.



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  1. Hi Kumo,

    This is Jonathan, the Community Manager from Kontera. Thanks for bringing up Kontera in the context of HubPages. With over 15,000 publishers and 140 million unique users per month, Kontera is easily the leading In-Text ad network, and a great tool for publishers, either on HubPages or beyond.

    The reason Kontera is so effective for so many people is because of our Contextual Technology, an algorithm that rather than just scanning for keywords, actually reads your webpages for meaning. This structural level attention to detail is how we can provide your content with the highest CTR and best CPC ads.

    Another advantage of Kontera is our exclusive ad inventory from such major brands as Microsoft, L’Oreal, National Geographic, K-Mart, Volvo, Ford, Sprint, and Quaker. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most attractive to site visitors, offer the best possible CPC, and can only be found on the Kontera network.

    If you’d to join us on the Kontera network, we’re currently offering new publishers a 70% revenue share, which is the best rate in the industry. We’re also offering new publishers a $50 bonus if they get at least 25,000 U.S. page views during their first 30 days on the network. Additionally, we recently dropped our minimum payout threshold from $100 to $50 across all payment methods.

    To learn even more about the Kontera network, please visit our Publishers Page:


    – Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager

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