Money Making Opportunities at Google Knol

Google Knol money making opportunitiesEver heard of Google Knol or Knol Google? Knol or a unit of knowledge can be considered as an article of a specific topic. Google Knol is a place where people share their knowledge. It’s more like eHow, and Wikipedia. Basically anybody can sign up and contribute their knowledge. Best of all there are money making opportunities that come together with those who contribute a lot.

Money Making Opportunities at Google Knol is simple. All you need to do is contributing knowledge by writing article or so call Knol. In order to make money you have to sign up for Google Adsense account and link it to Google Knol. Once you’ve done that change the setting at your Knol profile to include Google Adsense Ads in your Google Knol. It should take few days for Google Knol to confirm and verified your Google Adsense account. If everything runs smooth you should be seeing Google Adsense ads appear on your Knol. Unfortunately this is the only way that you can make money with Google Knol and the only pay per click advertising company that you can choose. Good news is that you get to keep 100% of all the money you make through Google Knol. That means all the impressions and clicks are yours to keep. This is the advantages that you get compare to other revenue sharing websites like, eHow, blog burner, Xomba, ReviewParty and Hubpages which takes up certain percentage of the money you earn. All you have to do is write good quality Knol and keep on working on getting more traffic.

Basically Google Knol provides a platform for you to make money. As Google Knol is still consider new, traffic gain might not be as good compare to those revenue sharing websites I mention above. Furthermore those revenue sharing websites really work hard on attracting traffic to their website. That can be easily shown by just make a simple search online. Mostly you’ll find eHow and appears on the first two pages of the search results. Did you ever see any Knol pages appeared on your search results? Well, not me. I suppose Google Knol still needs to put some effort to work its way up the first second pages of the search results. Does that mean we can’t make a lot of money with Google Knol? Well, nothing is absolute. I say there is a potential because Knol is part of Google. That’s good enough to give it a try. Besides it’s better to secure a place at Google Knol as it is still new. Don’t wait until Google Knol starts to pull in lots of traffic then only you start to work on it. It might be too late by then. Catch the wave right before it starts and you’ll ride on it successfully.

Money making opportunities are always around us. The question is can you see it and catch it before anybody does.

P/S: Google Knol is no longer available.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Google Knol”

  1. Andy says:

    I think this is another Google fail, the project is about 8 months old and it seems that it is not going anywhere. I have try it and it seems that it will be very difficult to be used for marketing for most of niches.

  2. Kumo says:

    Yup, I think that is why it’s not listed up front in the search results.