Money Making Opportunities at GigMe5 Where People Do Things for $5

simple money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at GigMe5 is simple. Seller or freelancer provides service with a price of $5. Buyer chooses from a list of services and pay $5. This is another money making opportunities website just like Fiverr which I introduced and reviewed few months ago. I did mention that we will see more of similar types of money making opportunities just like this and here it is. A good interesting idea eventually will be used and duplicated in many other ways. I suppose creating this type of money making opportunities is simple, but maintaining it and growing it big is not easy. GigMe5 is a new website. Let’s just see how well it performs later.

As GigMe5 is new, you can see that many pages still need improvement. This might be an opportunity because generally lots of promotion and advertising are done at this moment. If you place a service and feature it on GigMe5, indirectly you will gain exposure as the website tries to gather traffic by introducing it to the world. Sign up is free, so no harm placing a service there. For each of the order completed, you gain 90% of the total cost. That means you’ll make $4.50 for each order completed. Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout amount is $30. That means you need to complete at least 7 orders to withdraw the money you make. If you decided to withdraw the money before reaching minimum $30 payout, just send a request and it will be done manually. During the process of completing the services, all contact between buyer and seller needs to be done by using internal mail system provided by GigMe5. This is as mention by the website is to protect the privacy of both buyer and seller. I suppose you can find that most of the terms and condition are more a less the same as Fiverr.

It seems that it is not difficult to create and start out this business. Everybody can copy the basic process and start a new business by just editing and alter some rules. I suppose we will continue to stumble few more similar website just like this in future. Lot of money making opportunities lies within this type of website. Success will only come to those who continue to built and improve the services. I think it takes at least a year of hard work to actually break into the market.



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  1. says:

    I am founder and CEO of, Thanks for writing about my website. Kindly contact me at, I would be glad to hear your suggestions and feedback about my website. If you have placed your Gig there, I would make it “FEATURED GIG” for 2 weeks giving it more exposure and as compliment for your nice work.


  2. This sounds like such a cool website! I love how everything is $5. I’m going to head over to GigMe5 right now and see if I can find any cool deals. -kristen

  3. James says:

    The website is good, I got a reliable data processor from Philippines and I am working with her for more than a month. I was very nice surprised by her skills and data reports that she is preparing for me.

  4. Mike Arnoel says:

    This sounds like a cool website! I love how is five dollars. I’m going to GigMe5 now to see if I can find any cool trading

  5. Erich says:

    Gigme5 is amazing I love microjobbing because I work at home and it’s stuff I fit into my schedule. I have been microjobbing since 2010 and it’s paying a lot of bills!

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