Money Making Opportunities at Gighour

money making opportunities Gighour provides money making opportunities platform for users to buy and sell short services in a fixed price format. The services provided by Gighour is similar with Gigme5 and Fiverr but with some improvement. Basically you can provide any services as long as it’s not related to adult, violent, political and copyright protected content. There is couple of advantages compare to other similar services that you can get from Gighour. I suppose that makes it unique and different from others.

It’s FREE to sign up at Gighour. You can sell your services in 4 different price levels. You can set your gigs with the price at $3, $5, $7 or $10. Once an order is place on your gig, you have 4 hours to decide whether to accept or not. After you have decided to accept the order, you have 48 hours to complete and deliver the gig. This rules applied when you set your gigs as offline. If you set your gigs as online, you have 8 hours to complete and deliver the gig. You can change your gigs status accordingly depending on how you work. This is one new feature available at Gighour to speed up the work process. All payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payout is $30. The funds on Gighour balance will be cleared for withdrawal to PayPal account after 15 days. The best thing about using Gighour is that there is NO FEES on any of the orders. That means you make 100% from the gigs that you sell. You might be wondering how Gighour makes money then. One way that Gighour makes money is by selling Feature service which enables sellers to feature their gigs up front on the top of main page. The Feature service is not sold by periods of time but as cost per click. Seller will allocate the amount of money and the cost per click is $0.02. The gig will continue display as feature until the money runs out.

Another money making opportunities from Gighour is applying for Gigs Requested. That means you can check out the gigs that requested by buyers. If you think you can provide the service they are asking for, try applying for it. The Gigs Requested section also applies the same online and offline status.

P/S: There will always be another website just like Gighour created. The question is which website is going to do a better job to survive the competition.



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  1. Ken says:

    I like this kind of websites, actually work very well both ways, to get some extra dollar or to get a workers to do simple jobs, like data entry.