Money Making Opportunities at Flixya by Sharing

sharing money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities online at Flixya is simple. Basically you just have to share videos, photos and blogs. It’s a platform design to share your favorite videos, photos and at the same time allows users to blog. The money making method provided by Flixya is actually a revenue sharing system. Flixya makes money from Google Adsense and split 50% of the traffic or Adsense page impression to signup members.

Flixya started out as a video sharing website in July 2006 and has grown into an online social media community network with lots of videos, photos and blogs. Sign up is free but unfortunately the site currently is not accepting any new registration request. As Flixya uses revenue sharing system, members need to obtain and submit Google Adsense Publisher ID. Members don’t have to apply the code directly as it will be done automatically with the Google Adsense Publisher ID provided. In order to make money at Flixya, members have to take care of two things. Members have to submit content and draws traffic. Just like a regular blogger who tries to make money online with Google Adsense, content and traffic are still the main focus. It is very important that members do a lot of promoting work using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Forums, Emails and directories.

Flixya is similar with other revenue sharing websites like Hugpages, About, BlogBurner, Squidoo, Xomba and many more. Check out the Opportunities page in this blog and you’ll find lots of similar websites. Honestly, there are lots of similar websites just like Flixya. The question is which website you can really make money out of it. Obviously you can’t participate and work on all the websites. You can only choose couple of websites that you like and focus on them.

P/S: Flixya seems to be a promising site which can make some money online. Do check back the site regularly to see if the site starts to accept sign up.



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