Money Making Opportunities at Fiverr Where Buy and Sell for $5

five dollars money making opportunitiesFiverr is an interesting money making opportunities website. The concept of setting all deals for just $5 is brilliant. The fix price of $5 is just enough for sellers and buyers to cut a deal. You can either be buyer or seller.

As a seller, you can provide almost any services as long as it does not relate to adult, illegal, copyright protected content, violent, nonsense of other improper stuff. Of cause you need to value your services so that it worth $5, no more no less. At Fiverr the so call services are call “Gigs”. For each gigs that you delivered, you make $4. All communication and transaction must be done internally. It is said this is to protect sellers and buyers privacy. But I think the purpose is to prevent deals conducted outside as the site will lost the share of the money. Once order is place, seller has about 24 hours to decide on accepting the deal or not. Fast reply, good quality work and always accepting the deals will gain positive feedback. Payments are done via PayPal. There is a 14 days of safety clearing period before you’re able to withdraw the money. Seller can withdraw the money once the balance reaches the minimum amount of $40. That’s 10 deals you have to make. But don’t worry if you can’t get thought the minimum $40 clearance. You still can request for the withdrawal if the amount of money stays more than 60 days. This is the best rules that I’ve heard so far and I have to say I like it this way.

As a buyer, you can purchase gigs using PayPal or credit card. Just check out the gigs available as you can filter them by latest, most popular and best ratings. You may even find the gigs according to the category. If you have something in mind and the service is not available, place a gigs suggestion in the appropriate column. Hopefully some sellers might be able to provide the service you needed. If you’re asking for a service that worth more than $5, you might not get a response from any sellers. So please be reasonable. Please be informed that you may not get a refund to your PayPal if your orders are canceled. The money will remain in your account for next purchase. Well, the money is still there, just that you need to use it to get another gigs.

P/S: I suppose later we might witness another similar new website with a fix price of $10. I think this idea is simple but it definitely works. For each deal competed, the website gets $1.



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