Money Making Opportunities at FilePost By Downloading Files

money making opportunities downloadFilePost is not the first money making opportunities online which enable users to make money by downloading files. I decided to talk about FilePost because the money making opportunities offers are quite interesting and attractive. Five types of money making program are available. The money making programs presented by FilePost are pay-per-download program, partnership program, mixed program, site owner program and referral program. Although the simplest way to make money at FilePost is to upload your files and share the links, the money making programs offer a lot of flexibility for users to make money.

The pay-per-download program is the simplest way to make money. FilePost pays a rate between $1 and $35 for each 1000 downloads depending on the size of the file and the country where downloads occur. Users can earn a maximum of $35 per 1000 downloads which occurs from US, UK, France, Canada and Germany. The partnership program offers 60% from the amount that FilePost receive from each premium user referred. Partnership program members also get 60% for all rebills. The mixed program enable users to make money from both downloads and sales with rebills. FilePost pays 50% of standard pay-per-downlaod rates and also count all sales and rebills which pay 30%. The site owner program members can earn up to 15% of all premium memberships sold from own website. Members start at the base rate of 5% and increases to 15% once achieve 50 sales per month. The referral program members receive up to 25% of all revenue made by the people referred. The starting base rate for new referral is 15% and increases to 25% once the referral’s monthly income reaches $250.

Payments are done via PayPal, AlertPay and Webmoney. Minimum payout is $15. Base on the money making programs listed above, it shouldn’t be difficult to earn $15 per month. If you are given out FREE ebooks, PLR articles, WordPress themes, photos or software, you can actually make some money via FilePost by having readers downloading your FREE stuff from FilePost. Sign up is FREE but there are limitations on the services. One of the most disadvantages of having FREE account is that uploaded files will be deleted once inactive for more than 30 days. If you are seriously hoping to make money via downloading feature, premium account is the one that you should go for.



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One Response to “Money Making Opportunities at FilePost By Downloading Files”

  1. Jo Blo says:

    In my opinion, I find that File Post takes the cake for downloading INSANITY in the free user mode. File Post requires a 1.5 hr wait time between downloads. This is just stupid! How are up-loaders supposed to make money if no one is able to download there files? I have thought long & hard about putting my money up for this company, and decided against it. Just the facts here. This is not a rant – Do the research yourself to verify what is stated.