Money Making Opportunities at Epinions

review money making opportunitiesEpinions is a website that provides information and recommendation on products to help users make purchase decisions. Consumers are able to read unbiased reviews and advice before placing their orders. Besides that Epinions also provides money making opportunities for users that love to share their opinion. Users are able to register account for free and start sharing opinions by writing reviews.

The money making opportunities at Epinions is simple. Users just have to write good quality reviews with minimum 100 words. If you’re not sure about how good you need to write the reviews, just check out Epinions most helpful reviews at main page. Those are some of the best reviews available at Epinions. At Epinions you make money by making Eroyalties credits through the Income Share program. The Income Share program rewards writers that contribute their opinions or reviews on products. Regardless of writing positive or negative reviews as long as it helps consumers making wise decisions, rewards will be given. The income Share bonuses are not design to push product sales. It is created to reward reviews. The Income Share pool is a part of Epinions’ income which is split among authors based on how often their reviews were used in making a purchase decision. I can’t find the exact formula on how Income Share is determined but I think we just have to focus on writing good quality reviews. Those among the first to write reviews on new products can also make a larger Income Share. That’s because new products are the ones that consumers don’t know about and that’s when the reviews are most helpful. Other then writing reviews, we need to rate other reviews too. That’s playing the part of helping consumers to determine good quality reviews. A review that received the most rating with good recommendation helps consumers to decide to trust the review or not. I suppose that’s what we call building a good reputation. If your reviews earn lots of good ratings, people will remember your name. Once you’ve reach that level, people will search your name looking for reviews written by you.

Income Share is distributed on 15th of the following month. You may check your Eroyalties balance at earning center at your account summary page. For US residents, you may redeem earnings once it reaches $10. For non US residents, you have to wait until the balance reaches $100. Payments are done via check. This is the part that I don’t like. Possibilities of check lost happen a lot for non US residents. Once that happen, you need to pay additional $5 to cancel the check and reissue.

On and off Epinions will conduct events which helps to generate more income for users. Some of the events are for charity and donation. There are also some meet up functions too. It seems that Epinions is doing a good job in creating a community environment within members. It’s not just online that members get to discuss and share their opinion and reviews. They also have the opportunities to meet up face to face getting to know each other.



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  1. John says:

    It sounds like a good money making opportunity, paid reviews are good way to make a quick dollar on internet and the payment minimum is low, may be I will try it myself.