Money Making Opportunities at Design Quote

freelance money making opportunitiesDesign Quote is a website for freelance designer to look for projects or tasks. Basically Design Quote works almost similar with other freelance website. Instead of bidding for the projects, freelancers are actually purchasing leads. That means freelancers browse through available projects and purchase leads which provides contact information only. Freelancers will then contact the clients directly by calling or emailing to get further information on the project. Once freelancer gathers enough information on how to proceed with the project, a bid or quotation needs to provide to client. The client will gather as many as 8 bids to decide which freelancer to go for the project. In other words, the leads that freelancer purchase is just the contact information only. There is no guarantee on getting the project. But still Design Quote limits each project to have only 8 bids. This will increase the chances of freelancer getting the project successfully.

Design Quote currently have 26 projects up for bid with a combined value of USD$27575.00. 77 projects worth over USD$112300.00 posted in the last 7 days. Over USD$15327255.00 worth of projects have been done since Design Quote launched on Nov 2006. That’s basically gives you an idea of how big or how many projects available at Design Quote. Most of the design projects involve web design, graphic design, logo design, presentation videos and online games. Just browse through the projects before you decide to purchase the leads. You need to purchase credits to pay for the leads. Each credits cost between $4~$5 depending on the amount you purchased. You can purchase the credits using credit cards and PayPal. You get extra free credits if you purchase more credits at once. For example if you purchase 65 credits that will cost you $250 which is $3.85 per credit. By the way different projects require different amount of credits for the leads. The higher the budget of a project, the more credits are needed to purchase the leads. If the budget of the project goes up to $120000~$150000, the amount of credits needed to purchase is 15. That’s about $60 for the lead. Projects that cost less than $100 only required 1 credit for the leads.

Although you just have to pay for the leads and no other commissions involved as freelancers deal with client directly, you still have to be careful when trying to bid for a project. As there is no guarantee that you will get the projects, it’s best that you check out other freelancers on how they manage to get the projects. You just have to be good in selling yourself using presentation, portfolio and communication. Remember that you’re actually buying the leads or client’s contact information towards the project. Even if you fail to win the project, you still have the client’s information. You can always check back with these clients if they have any new projects. Also these clients might come back to you one day if they needed your service. Be sure to provide you contact email, blog or website so that clients can check back with you easily.



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4 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Design Quote”

  1. Robert says:

    I am impressed, this website bids are pretty high, I just sign up for account. $10,000 for a website is a lot of money. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fred Black says:

    Lead generation is one of the most profitable business you can get into. Especially if you can make it an Internet Business as Design Quote has done. Smart!

  3. DesignSEOPro says:

    Hi, just wanted to leave a little feedback to warn people since I have been using this service. I think it’s probably great for clients, but for designers it does not work very well. I have found other freelance sites that do a better job. Their bidding process is not set up very fairly so that designers might pay for a bid and yet never get the opportunity to bid at all. Thus, you might pay for for several leads to have the chance to bid and that money gets wasted. Just wanted to put in a word of warning for those on the design end.

  4. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing.