Money Making Opportunities at Demand Studios

freelance money making opportunitiesIf you like to work at home, a freelancer and good in writing, check out Demand Studios. Just like any other freelancing job offering sites, Demand studios provides a platform that enable you to work in your own schedule and own interest. Currently the site is hiring freelance writers, copy editors and filmmakers. Just fill up the application form and includes your experience, skills and interest. Once you have been accepted as a writer, you may start browsing the work that is available. It’s not just writer, filmmaker too.

The terms, rules and regulation are more a less the same as other freelancer job offering sites. Still I think it will be better to go through it if you’re planning to apply for the job. As usual payments are done via PayPal and twice per week. How much you get paid depends on the type and nature of the work. If you apply for the writer position, you get to earn a portion of the earning generated from the article you published. It is call the Writer’s Revenue Share Program. This is extra revenue that you’ll get other than then regular flat fee assignment. Basically if you are able to produce high quality content that are useful to readers, you’ll make more money eventually.

The one job that interests me a lot is the filmmaker. I have to say there aren’t many similar jobs as a filmmaker available. Don’t get me wrong as this is not making block buster big screen movies, but just simple instructional and informational videos for and By the way, Demand Studios is the largest video content provider on YouTube. The price of the video assignment varies between $200~$600 and it also depends on the format and difficulty. You don’t need a team of crew to make a short video as all the video assignments are designed to be complete by a single person. All you need is a professional level high definition or HDV camera that shoots at a minimum resolution of 720p or 1080i. For further video production guidelines, please refer to the Filmmaker Resource Center.

Please remember that Demand Studios owns all rights to the content and video you submitted. That because it’s a work-made-for-hire. It feels like you’re being hired as an employee by Demand Studios. Instead of working in an office together, employees can work freely at home.

P/S: You may even try applying for Title QA. It’s a job that determines which titles can be made as presented, either it’s for an article of video. There are some other jobs like Title Editing, Keyword QA, Title Selector, Title Duplicate Checker and Demand Studios Transcriber which you can try to apply. I think it should be interesting to work with Demand Studios.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Demand Studios”

  1. George says:

    videos pay $45, not 200 to 600. Article writers can choose either flat fee or revenue share, not both for the same article.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks for pointing out. Appreciate it.