Money Making Opportunities at CrowdSpring

Money making opportunities at CrowdSpring is simple. All you have to do is pick a project which you’re interested and submit you work. Buyers will review all the entries and pick a winner. If your entry is the winner, you’ll get pay. If not, you’ll get your entry back. All your work and creation are still yours as long as buyers did not pick them as the winning entry.

CrowdSpringis the world’s largest online marketplace for custom logo design, website design, graphic design and other writing services. There are thousands of creators from all around the world participating for the projects in CrowdSpring. Once a project is listed, there will be at least hundreds of entries submitted. Honestly, the competition is fierce among designers, illustrators and writers. But still the system of accepting hundreds of entries and chooses one as the winners gives opportunities for creators to showcase their talent and potential. That means everybody have the chance to present their work even though they are not famous, without any experience and working alone. It’s very much difference from other freelancing website which designers have to first out bid others before they can start working. Plus buyers have no way to tell if the amount of money spend can get the best of work done. Buyers just have to judge from the profile listed. At CrowdSpring, buyers don’t have to worry about picking the wrong creators as they pick the work out of hundreds of entries. As for creators, the key to success at CrowdSpringis talent, ability and hard work. If you have what it takes to complete the project with high quality and excellent results, you’ll most likely make money. I think this is a good place for new talented freelancers to get starting by presenting their work and built their reputation. Freelancers don’t have to worry about winning the bids but just concentrate on producing good quality work.

Payments are done via PayPal or bank wire right after buyers approves the projects. The payments usual will be process within two days or a week depending on payment type. If you’re using bank wire transfer, there is a $28 bank fee for overseas wires.



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