Money Making Opportunities at Clickworker by Completing Tasks

Money making opportunities at Clickworker is simple. All you need to do is compete the tasks given either it is writing, translating, researching or data processing jobs. Depending on your profile or qualification, you’ll be allowed to choose from a variety of tasks.  The tasks are actually small partial work from a big project. As most of the projects have been separated into smaller tasks, it becomes simpler and easier to complete. Plus it won’t take up much time to get the job finish. This also means that you don’t need any qualification or professional skills to sign up as a Clickworker.

Simple task which anybody can do might seems like you have the chance to capture all the money making opportunities but that’s not what it seems. You’ll have lots of competition. You actually need to compete with lots of people to grab the simple tasks. That means you might not be so luck to catch all the simple tasks available. If you have additional qualification and skills like professional writing ability and several language capabilities, you get to stand out differently from the crowd. This will put you in the position of choosing the tasks instead of waiting for the tasks to pick you up. In order to do that you need to setup your profile by taking up assignment which defines your ability. Once you’re completed the assignment and rated, you’ll be clear to take up qualified tasks.

A qualified Clickworker can earn about $13 per hour. That means you can easily make couple of hundred dollars every month. That is if there are tasks constantly available for you. Just like any other online jobs, you need to complete the tasks correctly and on time in order to get paid. Payments are done via PayPal or wired to your bank account. Minimum payout is $10 or €10 on the 7th day of the month for balances as of the last day of the previous month.

P/S: Clickworker seems like a good money making opportunities as you’re able to make about $13 per hour. If you just work for an hour per day for that rate, you’ll be making about $400 per month. That’s considered good enough. But still you need to qualify for the tasks and hope that tasks will be available every day.



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