Money Making Opportunities at ChaCha by Answering Questions

answering questions money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at ChaCha is simple. Basically you just have to sign up as a ChaCha Guide and answer questions. Customers will be asking questions and you will be analyzing the questions and trying your best to provide high quality answers. You need to have good writing skills and love researching online to do the work. ChaCha is suitable for college students, freelancers, professionals, retirees and stay at home mom to make some extra money. You just need to have the heart and willing to spend time helping people.

Sign up is FREE. You need to be at least 18 years old and fluent in English to qualify for the job. You also required a US mailing address and authorized to work in US. You will need to fill out a standard W9 form. In other words you need to be US resident to qualify for the job. There are basically 5 types of Guides you can apply. You can be an Expeditor. The job requires you to be friendly, humor, fast typing, quick thinking and having the desire to help people. Expeditors make $0.02 cents per completed task. You can be a Generalist. The job requires you to have strong general knowledge, good grammar, strong reasoning ability, sound judgment and exceptional internet search skills. Generalists make $0.10~$0.20 cents per completed task. You can be a Specialist. The job requires you to have specific knowledge in specific subject areas. Specialists make $0.10~$0.20 cents per completed task. You can be a Transcriber. The job requires you to have good ears and the ability to catch what customers are trying to convey. Transcribers make $0.03 cents per completed task. You can be a Vetter. The job requires you to have positive attitude and fast responses. Guides will also earn points which will determine the minimum cash value at the beginning of each month.

Judging by the rates of payment, it seems like we can’t make a lot of money at ChaCha. But if we can build a good reputation and network at ChaCha, we can gain lots of alternative money making opportunities. One good example is getting lots of attention and traffic to your own blog or website. Those people that you help before might want to know more about you by visiting your blog or website.

P/S: ChaCha works just like Yahoo Answer but better. At least you get to make some money answering questions.



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