Money Making Opportunities at BzzAgent

review products, give opinion Actually BzzAgent is not about money making opportunities but about stuff or gift making opportunities website. Basically members get free product samples to try out, discover cool stuff and provide feedback about products at BzzAgent. Members are rewarded by MyPoints instead of money. MyPoints can be use to redeemed stuff or gift from hundreds of popular merchants.

BzzAgent is one of the leading word of mouth marketing and media company founded in 2001. The company helps people find and share products, brands and websites. It’s also a community where people get together and try our sample products, review stuff and feedback on new discovery. The opinions and feedbacks will help companies improve their products. There is no cost in signing up at BzzAgent. There is also no obligation, no nonsense and no pressure. They just want to hear your honest opinions.

Money is never involved in participating at BzzAgent. You’ll earn MyPoints which can be use to redeemed lots of stuff and products. Although this is not the kind of money making opportunities that I like but if you’re able to earn lots of stuff from BzzAgent, it’s still consider a revenue but just not in the form of money. Please take note that BzzAgent only accepts members from US, Canada and UK.

Once you’ve sign up BzzAgent, you can check out available campaigns, discover new websites, write product reviews, take polls for the right campaigns and learn more about BzzAgent via tutorials. Basically just participate in all available activities to improve your status. A good reputation can earn lots of MyPoints and early invitations to campaigns.

P/S: BzzAgent is always looking for passionate, talented people to join their team. Check out Careers section if you’re interested. Currently the company is looking for creative director, business development director, java engineer, inside sales account representative, manager and QA engineer.



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  1. Dave says:

    It is interesting website, actually I signed up as an agent, I believe it fits perfectly to one of my latest blogs.