Money Making Opportunities at Bubblews

bubblewsIt seems like there are lots of money making opportunities online which focus on revenue sharing but do not require any charges or fees to participate. These money making opportunities online usually take in the form of website, blog, forum or social site which requires users to spend time writing, commenting, reviewing or even uploading files. Users will be receiving payments according to their work and time spends on site. This idea is brilliant and we have seen lots of site that successfully make a fortune out from it. One of the successful examples is MyLot. But still it is not easy to maintain and keep up the process as the site starts to gather momentum and grows larger. If the site is not careful, it might not make enough to pay users and end up being call a scam.

Bubblews is one of the money making opportunities online mentioned above which offers a 50/50 revenue sharing term to users. Sign up is free and the revenue earn is split equally between users and Bubblews. In order to make money, users just have to write posts, comment, share, like or dislike posts. Basically users just have to create content and interact actively within the community. There is also a referral program which pays $0.20 for each successful member you bring in. Minimum payout is $25 via PayPal, check or other merchandise options.

It is not hard to make it to the $25 threshole. All you need to do it write couple of long good quality posts with interesting topic and promote it. If you work hard enough, you should be able to cash in at least $25 every month. Judging by the potential earning and the amount of payment given out by Bubblews, I’m kind of wonder if the site is making enough money to sustain itself.

When you sign up and browse through the site, you’ll find some good quality posts and lots of crappy posts with sole purpose of trying to game the system and makes lots of money. As Bubblews is still consider new and I’m guessing the site is trying to gather as many users as possible. You might still able to make some money with the above rate. Honestly I don’t think Bubblews is able to survive for long if the site do not make some changes on the payment and clean up their site. That means reducing the earning potential and filter out those low quality crappy content. Thus it is just a matter of time when they start making changes. But before that, try to make as much money as possible from the site.

P/S: The site also has a short animated introduction clip. Check it out.



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