Money Making Opportunities at Bright Hub as a Writer

money making opportunities writingMoney making opportunities at Bright Hub is simple. All you have to do is apply as a writer and share your knowledge. There are lots of topics that you can choose to write. Just check out the list of topics available at Bright Hub. You basically just have to choose a topic that you like and knowledge about. At Bright Hub you can choose to write independently or work with a team of writers and editors. Each option has different requirements and benefits. You just have to choose one that suits you best. Bright Hub is looking for qualified experts with subject matter knowledge regarding any of the topics in their channels. It might take some time for them to process your application as they are looking for qualified writers. It will be best to provide a writing sample related to the channel you are applying for.

Basically there are 3 types of writer that you can apply. You can either apply for editorial community channel writer, self publish community channel writer or Hubfolio writer. As an editorial community channel writer you work together with writers and editors as a team. The topics or subjects involved are technological, science, health and education. $10 will be paid as an upfront payment for an article published. On top of that writer will received revenue sharing payments which will be calculated and paid on a per article basis from number of page views and site revenue per thousand page views for the life of articles. As a self publish community channel writer, you basically manage your own work and the content of articles. Only the subjects or topics of the articles are determine by Bright hub. The topics involves are generally related to parenting, graphic novels, comic books, anime and many more. Although writers only receive revenue sharing payment but the rate is higher as you keep 100% of the revenue sharing on that particular article. As a Hubfolio writer you basically have all the freedom on the topic that you write. It’s more like hosting your own individual blogs, articles and topics. It’s where you showcase your work, style and personality. Again writers only received revenue sharing payments but with a higher rate.

Regardless of which topic of channel you apply, you need to have certain knowledge or writing skill to obtain the position. Once you’re being accepted into Bright Hub, it shouldn’t be any problem to make money if you keep up the work. Payments are done via PayPal each month. Minimum payout is $20. There is another money making opportunities which you’ll be paid $1 for each quality backlink that you obtain by linking to your article on Bright Hub. This is just basic revenue that you’ll get as a new writer. Once you work your way up as a senior writer, you’ll be able to make more money.



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  1. George says:

    I am writing at few similar places, it is not get rich overnight opportunity, but it can generate stable income everyday.