Money Making Opportunities at Book Editing Associates

Book Editing Associates is looking for fiction specialist who can perform proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing and fact checking. This is no doubt a freelancing job but the requirements seem to be high. The site actually needs professional who can work on the given freelancing job full time.

Book Editing Associates is a network of professional writers and editors. Freelancers who wish to join the network must have at least five years of experience and a track record of editing traditionally published books. Freelancers are required to submit their resume for application. Qualified applicants will than required to take several short editing and writing test. Freelancers must be US based with English as the first language. By the way applicants must also be 100% freelance. That means must not have a permanent day job. Judging from the list of requirements, this job is not for amateurs. I suppose only those who used to work as full time in similar field for more than five years might have the chance to get hire. Also this seems to be a long term job once hired.

This is the type of work which freelancers are able to do their job anywhere in the world. Freelancers have absolute control over their time and schedule. It doesn’t matter where they work, how they work and when they work. As long as they can meet the deadline and produce quality work, it is considered job well done.



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