Money Making Opportunities at Blue Mountain Arts

poetry money making opportunitiesIf you love to write poem or poetry, I think you’ll love this money making opportunities. Blue Mountain Arts is looking for poetry and writings from all over the world that is suitable for their greeting cards. If you have been writing poetry for some time, perhaps you can send in your work for review.

Blue Mountain Arts founded by Poet Susan Polis Schutz and physicist/illustrator Stephen Schutz back in 1971. Over 35 years Blue Mountain Arts has been selling and publishing cards, books and other products in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French and many other languages. It’s a well known company that base in Colorado. Blue Mountain Arts is currently looking for poetry written from personal experience. Below is one of the guidelines that I quote from their website.

  1. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Contemporary prose or poetry written from personal experience that reflects the thoughts and feelings people today want to communicate to one another, but don’t always know how to put into words. Because our cards capture genuine emotions on topics such as love, friendship, family, missing you, and other real-life subjects, we suggest that you have a friend, relative, or someone else in your life in mind as you write. Writings on special occasions (birthday, anniversary, congratulations, etc.), as well as the challenges, difficulties, and aspirations of life are also considered. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with our products prior to submitting material, but don’t study them too hard. We are looking for new, original, and creative writings that do not sound like anything we have already published.

You may send your poetry by postal or email. I would recommend that you use email because you don’t have to worry about poetry lost issue. Plus you can speed up the process. There are some guidelines regarding sending your poetry using postal and email. Be sure you check them out before sending out directly. One thing that you have to take note is that they are unable to respond to email submissions that are not chosen for further review. Selected submission will receive a response by postal mail within two to four months. If your poetry is selected to publish on greeting card and other products, you’ll be paid $300 per poem. $50 will be paid per poem for one time use in a book. That’s actually not a bad deal. This money making opportunities also open to all others outside of US. There is only one condition that you have to fulfill, that is submission has to be in English language. You may also submit seasonal poetry. If submissions received after the given date, the poetry will be review on the following year. Below are the list of seasonal festival and datelines.

Christmas & General Holiday: August 10
Valentine’s Day: October 12
Easter: January 1
Mother’s Day: January 26
Father’s Day: March 9

I think there are many people around the world that are good in writing poetry. Most of them just don’t have the opportunity to show their talent. If you’re one of them please feel free to send your poetry work to Blue Mountain Arts. Who knows as this might be your chance to introduce your poetry writing ability to the world.

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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at Blue Mountain Arts”

  1. Rhona Appanna says:

    Hi there

    I have written more than 42 poems -I have sent 2 to poetry
    Site. I love writing on spiritual love ,poems that
    Draw people closer. To what true love is. -I write
    On just about anything.

    Please let me know how to go about submitting my work

    Rhona Appanna

  2. Kumo says:

    You may send an email requesting a writer guidelines from Blue Mountain Arts. Check out the link below for the email address and details.