Money Making Opportunities at BlogTalkRadio by Creating Radio Show

audio money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities at BlogTalkRadio is not for everybody. This money making opportunities online is for those who loves to produce or create entertaining radio show. Users work hard to increase the number of listener and BlogTalkRadio provides a platform to make money online. Users can make money through the revenue sharing system launched by BlogTalkRadio since 1st January 2008. Users are able to earn 35% of revenue generated from their own show. The revenue is actually the fees paid to BlogTalkRadio for every thousand listens served on own show. The more listeners you have, the more money you’ll earn. Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout is $20. Payments are made right after 45 days. Payout date usually is set at 15th of every month. Users just have to concentrate on producing good quality show and try to gather as many listeners by promoting the show in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other online social community network. Users can also embed the show on blogs or websites using flash player.

Another money making opportunities online provided by BlogTalkRadio is the affiliate program. Users get to make money by referring premium customers. Users will be paid $25 for each premium package sign up, $75 for each premium plus package sign up and $175 for each pro package sign up. By the way users have to be a member of Commission Junction to participate in the affiliate program.

This money making opportunities online is very interesting but not for everybody. I suppose those who are interested in creating their own radio show or talk show will find opportunities in BlogTalkRadio.



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